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WorldMate Re-Branding

In Jon’s first 6 months at WorldMate, he led the Marketing and Product organizations in Israel plus two freelancers in the US to overhaul the corporate and product branding and messaging.

The initiative began with the creation of a brand positioning framework and comprehensive copy and design style guides. The brand logo, associated iconography, and brand colors were then replaced. Next, the “marketing” website, web application and mobile client were redesigned and developed, each with an entirely new and consistent look and feel. During the project, all content and process flows were evaluated and redone from scratch to clearly communicate value proposition, improve call to action visibility and impact, and streamline signup and conversion processes. To round out the re-branding, all collateral and sell sheets were redone in the new look and feel.

The re-launch resulted in media hype and blogosphere buzz as well as major improvement in key business metrics, as outlined in Jon’s résumé.

Download PowerPoint with before and after screen shots

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