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Jon was an exceptional VP of marketing. Jon has a very good understanding of the market dynamics and how to recruit new engaged members to our site.

Jon championed a product rebranding bringing new energy and enthusiasm to the product. Some key changes made in design, flow and product marketing had big impact on acquisition rates and conversion to premium.

Jon is a great manager and I really enjoyed working with him. He is creative, detail oriented, and data driven and has extremely high but fair standards for what success means when working on his team. I was very proud of the projects we worked on together…and he made me a stronger marketer.

Jon put the pedal to the metal, by putting programs in place to recruit visitors, including advertising, PR and lead gen. His talent and attention to detail upped the game for the company as it went through its first major phase of growth. He's both creative and analytical, a rare combination that served the company well.

Jon is a very smart, driven, hard-working guy. He comes up with great ideas, and rallies his teams to execute them well and on time. He's not afraid to have a good laugh on occasion.

He’s bright with lots of creativity, well experienced in online marketing, and able to manage cross-functional teams on both sides of the Atlantic.


As my chief Biz Dev and Marketing contact, Jon was a risk-taker and visionary, paving new roads… in the Music Industry vertical. Sensitive to the ever-delicate concerns of our artists, Jon bent-over-backwards to meet our needs, while never losing sight of the strategic mission of his company.

He always made sure that my company’s goals were on track and that all our creative and promotional decisions were measured, reported and optimized. It doesn’t hurt that Jon's nice guy too.

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I have been nothing short of astounded by his marketing prowess. His ability to quickly but methodically size up the (marketing) situation, and then implement effective and thoughtful marketing programs and campaigns helped his companies compete successfully for mainline market share.

He's one of those unique marketers that thoroughly understands technology, and how to apply it to his marketing objectives in a reasoned and diligent manner. He's been a joy to work with.

Jon articulated direction clearly and to the point. He managed his budget vigilantly and ensured our work supported his strategic goals. Jon has a savvy business sense, expects and gets results, and is a pleasure to work with.

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Jon gets things done. He generates smart ideas and then turns them into actions and results. He challenges you to do your best and welcomes you to challenge him in return. He seems to work around the clock and somehow still manages to gracefully juggle myriad tasks and competing priorities. It's not easy, but he makes it look that way.

I worked with Jon for six months on a series of projects. I honestly don't know how he kept all of the schedules moving in the right direction, as he not only managed the Boston team but one in Israel, too. And, despite the language barrier, geographical distance, and time zone differences, we were able to feel we were all working for the same cause. Jon is the kind of manager who treats all members of the team with respect, making you feel he trusts in your skills and appreciates everything that you do.


One of the few East Coast people who understands Web 2.0.

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